Wasted Days

i will rise this charcoal sun
shadow every step
the shine of every gem drops away, away

if i could close my eyes when i believe
untie these ties and then you'll see

it's okay, i can shut my eyes when i'm afraid
these sawed-off beams draw back their smile
and hide away, away, away, away

now i will think up new ways they could never be you
forsake my illusion then you'll be mine too
how night breaks these dead afternoons
night breaks

come into my life
i'll give you the moonlight
with the box it's in
tucked away
locked into the chambers
of a crooked heart's tired beat
i'm all right

i'll sleep down beneath your stairs
counting up stars shining brighter than you
make believe they're mine

i'll make you mine, mine, mine, mine, mine, mine

i'm all right
when night breaks
come into my life
i'm always on your side
i'll divine this luck
now it's written in blood

set sail, high seas
dead rain, cry on
(mumble something)
dead faith, ride on

now i saved this old cigar box in the vent
to hide our parting ways
if i could place your voice inside the pages
i could fill it all with thoughts
how i filled it all with love