come catch me
you know i'm just down road
sometimes it kinks and it curls but it's not far to go
'cause every star blinking brightly has got a world of its own
and gravity pulls on the kingdoms inside them
but you know that i don't mind
so i'll be on my way

you can try me
but i've got nothing to say
already lined up your crossed stars
what else could i change?
i gave my seashells a new life; their static sings you to sleep
so take your heartstrings and go spin out a new wish
unravel this stitch and then drag your pennies to the well
if your threadbare rags still conceal restless
i'll tailor your dreams to the past but i'll never tell
i'd rather sever these seams

the years take hold
the leaves are in the light
another season asleep on highway drives
as trains speed by i'm wasted already
now yesterday's passed
save your ticket; i can't wait
i am chasing this freight to the end of the tracks
it's the last day you're mine
you're made to shine
you were made to shine
but the world is lost on me