i'll sympathize
i'm cleansed in doubt
i'm armed with lies
now i'm figured out
i was clothed in shades of poisoned smiles
i smiled your last face
deceiving grace stains the wretched bright
i hear you cry
cry out and fade away
now wave goodbye
this hour will never change
until mercy is shown
in dead hands wrapped around your throat
and your heaven is sown
in hell's decaying seraph rows
for systema's sons
now every dawn is born alike
each sacred pox paid
and the sun still dies every night
while twilight wakes
and november's eyes bleed tears regained
in a tide of sour ink
they weave their blush and fill the cup
i'll drink the flood
now i'll spit it up
now this hour's passed
now it's just begun
you can sing all your prayers and no one's coming
but righteous decoys
these sabbath bells are rung to the hallows
of a dying void
now this hand descends
it's crushing in again
though i'm holding back
in sympathy and purity in doubt
i'm giving in
when i hear you cry out
i'll smile back