if i waste another night
this fate will change rides and will drive away
it's gonna leave a part of me behind

so tonight if i don't try
to take a part of you for the road ahead
it's like you're thrown away

i can wait but i won't stay
try to carry on
but by this sun down i'm gone

when these bells are sounding out
let madness ring
so some kind of sorcery can take me in
and change in time

when this cock crows i'm not coming home
this season's fading leaf by leaf
go drive your flock from field to field alone
then set your clocks to never

this is what it sounds like when i don't really try
just testing these words
if it sounds all right, i'll keep it with no written lines
whatever i sing
i'll leave it for good

this silence knows my name
dust me off and you know i'm on my way

we'll find the opened gates
ready set go, i know you're on your way