St. Peter's Windsock

go find your last disaster blown back by the draft
your sunlight throws no shadow
when the air is full of falling kites

steady your clip
you're limping through your destiny
while hiding in regrets
and crying with the last of your misery
so drink your dreams away with me
and trade your life for eden's apple
you get one taste

these empty prayers are counting on me
but your heaven is deaf and the silence sweet
now red riding's friend is caught in the zoo
and biting through the cages
his keeper waits and he's watching you too
forsaken anyway you choose
just one ride and i'll be there
go fly your kite
i'll find the air

when the sirens sing
they can't save me, they can't save me
now i lie awake
the tide is rising
oh, don't you try to save me
you can't save me
because the apple waits
and i like the taste
yeah, i like the taste