Promise Me

come stand me up
and lie me down
but promise me
if i'm not enough
that we could become
what i couldn't find
under the wild air
where this eyelash wish finds a breeze
that i'll ask to follow me
it wandered so far
though her gravity keeps
the roof of the night out of reach
but i'll catch this magic trick shooting star
and save it for you

in my make believe
these half dead hopes
say the broken hand i hold
won't let go this time
i'm ready
and now the pennies in the well
will drown if i don't find this spirit
a soul tonight
then my wish just needs a sink
to make new stars from fireworks
and take apart this heart
still locked up tight
and bleed its ink to me

so stand me up
and lie me down
just promise me this time
you'll say this hope has died
but you don't know that i can raise the dead