Paper Sun

i'll set my gaze against the sky
where heaven hangs proudly
i spilled the milk of paradise
while rainbows shine through clouds
and bleed down
and now they dance behind the speeding tires
while evening stretches toward me
and cobwebs snag the butterflies
as household gods snag our prayers
i'll take my breath now from this air

and if your sober light should lose its shine
will burning fumes of memories form by your side
of our bracelets spun from dandelions
if you cut apart these stems we'll die
and should you ever refuse to rise
i won't light a new star
i'll wait up for you in the dark
for another chance to hold back a vanished time
but all things die
all things die
in affairs of all my make believe
i'll tuck you in if only in my sleep
you know i can't wait
to scrape a smile from your beams
but i'll stay here when you set
and i'll trust you where you rest