Morning Song

wake up the mended sun
the city bells are tolling dawn
the stillness lights a crooked smile
its beating heart still pulses on

in your restless dreams, i'll be your reed
and through your breath, the sweetest tune
and i'll become the only song
that's ever charmed the earth for you
and aroused it to a fuller light
so the autumn tide can find us
while its sunbeams smile down

now evening let us see through appraising eyes
where darkness still held sway
its other side held promise

where summer skies
are pairing rhymes
with fairies in the air
and you'll be my bride
when daylight dies
in colors we'll never wear

and in the metered march of time
(in two tomorrows ago)
young charms will pass as wise
(i'll count it off in measures and lines)
as faith leans back
la la la la la

this morning i am meant for you
and this morning you were meant for me
and this morning meant the world we'll fall into

in empty high-roof afternoons
the sun will climb then stagger down
and in between we'll lose ourselves
over a night and over again
and all i know is city bells now haunt the skies

and now the earthbound stars are mine
they tremble down to find a soul to admire
so hold your hands out to catch their fall

into the upper air, dreaming up new ornaments
like raindrops in love, forever crashing down

this dream has direction
she'll ask for me to be the one
and this dream has a season
in deathless vows i'll be the one

these lonely songbirds sing
of memories kept alive
and lure our sun to rise
until she meets the sky
looking for a home to rest her beams
her light plays over me
until we are out of time