Leaving Stockton

la la la
i know this life
i know the price of change
for days spent miles ago

it's funny how i see myself in you
when i commune with these ghosts
they open my eyes
and they light up my room
as sirens seduce the stray
i'll let go
and lose my way back home

they've tied me down
so cry out your song
but i won't turn around
turn around, turn around this time
all mine, all my, my love
it fades away

this old, dead memory's pangs unwind
then fades away
so watch me leave these days behind

but if i say goodbye
and change where i belong
then could you remember me when i am gone
i am gone
i'm moving on tonight
but if i stayed

i'd get away, get away, i'd get away from here
this city shines
i'll get away, get away, i'll get away from here
this city shines
why, why, why my love
these city lights shine for me
i've beaten back these memories; it shouldn't be so bad