The Inconvenience of Courting a Beautiful Girl

come welcome the hours
come tuck them away
i'm drugged with your color and i'm calling your name
but i'll pluck you a flower
from the middleday chain

i'll string up my verse inside the carnival wire
and tie all my words so tight around you
i'm right behind you

well, no sunbeam ever suffered all the empty desires
but her embers haunt the spark of a permanent fire
the last light discards it when the last summer comes
i'll gather up stars and i'll build your night's sun
then drink your soul down to its end
and i'll still want more when your sun descends
la la la

i'll stay tonight
if you want, i could stay the night
and you could lay me down where we never quite touch
and fall right to sleep when you know i'm still up
oh, this ache is so sweet
love, i won't leave

now i understand loss when it takes me apart
and overstate love when i'm losing my charm
but i'll try to lie
and i'll hide my heart
'cause i'm not allowed
but it's treading out
so steady your step 'cause i'm coming down fast
and you could be the angel on the overpass
just crying out
cry out for me
love talk to me
just talk to me
and save me a kiss
and give me a chance
'cause now there's someone new that i know you won't fuck
but he's making moves and maybe it's luck
and i watch you leave as i'm falling in love
so come catch me
come catch me
just come catch me
there's no bell left to ring
so could you come catch me
because something might change

i don't know why
when something's wrong
i see your smile and something's right
but i'll waste my wine
sing my song
and save my wish 'cause you're gone tonight
love, save me
if this is a dream then don't you wake me
if i'm not asleep then please don't leave me
and if you're awake then let me stay

i'll hide my rhymes and follow you
whatever we'll be will be all right
unwind my wish; i know what i'd do to you
come light all my fantasies
and waste me
it's never enough so come and take me
and empty your lungs into the real night
and i'll be the one you can't deny

i'll thread in the heartstrings
and tie them tight around you
wrapped around your soul

but truelove lies enchanted as i'm watching you move
dancing like the embers as we go to your room
where canopies of flowers vault the sky
and though i'm colliding inside of you
you're never quite mine
but i'm right beside you

now i'm joining these drifters and i'm hitching a ride
i'm punching my ticket and might never be back
the last train's coming and i'm jumping these tracks

but light my wish and i'll be right back
love, light my wish and i'll come right back