i'll unwind this start
you'll never doubt this heart
but the jackal's in my dreams
and it's smiling at me
it's silent when i scream
but still i'm crying out
when i'm where you are
we'll be the gremlin stars
strung up higher than a heaven
in the cold rain clouds
denying gravity
now we're crashing back down
oh no, hey, where did you go?
i'll be right home

now the phantom's in the attic
trying on her old dress
her shadows ate the shades
of what was young and fair in flesh
still she's dancing to the saddest song
her tragic heart has kept

i'll hum myself to sleep beneath her melody
she plucks the heart strings
and now i'm courting this beat
oh, come to me
we're gonna see this through
so come to me
'cause you won't know once you're gone
just come to me

if i could lead you
follow me higher
then would you
ever come back down?

come tuck me in and kiss me dear
with lips so pale as death
i'll taste them as i take you in
and swallow your breath

the under-ghosts in her eyes
find the gremlin stars
while over-ghosts in my arms
hollow out this heart
and all her life's set apart
hidden here again
i'm higher and i'm higher
and it's here i find her holding me in
don't pull me out
when i know we'll never come down