Glass Dust Test Riff

glass dust come to me
and write soon
'cause i seem to find you where grief dies
so take a ride with me
where highways divide streets
and i'll be where dreams sleep
come take a ride with me
no voice to sing but i can waste a rhyme
as i pluck electric strings
then i'll clip the power lines
lie down, this glass dust kicks up
faster than i can breathe

now i penned your song
on napkins drawn the clefs and lines
in measured time this candied pitch
drips out of your teeth
and now this licorice ties tighter knots
than your wedding band
when you come crawling back
just take my hand
there's nothing left to leave

the notes defy me
the scales will rise
into the treble
but i'll bring them back
a second time, a second time
come count this beat and mark how far
the sound can reach
a second time

come line up all these hearts
and match them break for break
you stitched it to your sleeve
but you can't wear that in the rain
you never really tried
so come and find your place
you have to wait in line