it's been a while since you came into my life
go wind your watch, love
this hour's over soon
somehow i know we never knew the loss

your pretty smile
oh, how it haunts me still
you haven't changed, love
this heart is filling up
i wonder if i'd ever be enough
i've only just begun to leave
but it's meant to be

and now i've got no hope to offer
you know how these seasons fade
this dream-shaped ring is all i have
but i see the dead leaves falling fast
just more chance, one new spring
every empty branch a little promise
my favorite days:
they plucked the sunlight from flowers smiling in grace
you know that i'd stay if you had some hope i could borrow

now your home is here, love
so put your past behind
i'll hide the memories
i guess that's all you need
if there's nothing more you want from me this time
i promise i forgive you, dear
i promise i forgive you, dear
we're meant to be

now all these years spent waiting
when every day i feel the sting
and it still wakes me up
when you pollute my dreams
maybe there's something to try for
but i can't force, i can't force this feeling
just a pulse, so restless, so sweet
once measured, now slows, then skips its beat

oh, come be the girl whose voice is drawing the strings
and i'm just the boy who thinks that you don't believe
that we could try for this life
oh, just for one last night

because i still adore you like the day we first met
and if you love me less
then i'll just love you more
and if you called out my name i would be right by your side
already on my way
but this is how we say goodbye
and this is how we say goodbye

and now these old, careless hearts are fading
silent and sweet