The vocals in this song were a test. They were supposed to be a scratch track, just trying out a melody. I'd only written a few lines (on the back of a grocery receipt) and I was making up the rest into the mics (coming up with the words during the recording, while I was singing). But when I was done with the scratch track, I decided it sounded okay, so I kept it. I never re-sang anything. My point: half the lyrics here are just gibberish.

For Keeps

love, if we could slow down
how could I stray
forsaken in doubt

it's just another hometown
she can't change
got some ink for this page
so i could break down
but i want nothing to hide, my dear
i'll stand by your side

and i could listen
and think of my Annie dear
in madness i could hurry to you
but you could find me
and empty your miles
right down the road

and you could listen
dressed in the memory
i tremble away for you
if you're pining
and i'm letting go
it's just echoes

i'll find cause to say
the reason i made it
i dragged my breath
through the grandeur and grief
find cause to stay
and find out how
you save up all your troubles
and go fake your sweet dreams
then crash awake
it's the reason i'm waiting
run through your gravity
your lights are sunk and turning out
this sound is a starsong
that you sang for me

now i've written all the poems
of your lovers as friends
so let your curses go
dead ends shifted in the undertow
embers in the fire ferry the river
forever disguised

if you lie down
i'll trace out the lines
inside your body to mine this time
now i'm wishing that i couldn't go
it's just your home

but this season's heartache is wasted
(i don't know what i mumbled here)

if you've lost your way
it's the reason i waited
the last miser was a carnival king
he's gone to sleep; it's just a memory
it's shining for tonight
but there's nothing left to see
now if you can't decide
then come and start with me
there's nothing there to hide
and love, i'm not here for keeps

(mumble something)
but if you never tried
it's somewhere in the maze
and they can wait for you inside
it draws into the knife
it cuts right through
then lets the sunlight in