End with Me

end with me; we're out of time
in a little while, you can go and put your worlds behind
another bride will take your place if you wave goodbye
it's just old desires that got away

i'd dig and climb into your heart
but you know i could never hold you down
this bitterness now knows my age
with this sickness i can't shake until you turn around

it's just untied ties that you're letting go
i'll plant this smile where no kindness ever grows
it's where our old griefs die
i won't be long
although it's sacred to me,
somehow the hours lose their sting
when burned out desires have gone away

could you take my hand; it's just our last chance
stand me up just to let me down
i gave up hope for hurt and sorrow
there's no way to trade back the make believe i surrendered
i emptied out all my fantasies
now i'm not waiting for tomorrow
i know you'll never change

well, i built this life in a forfeit paradise
if you close your eyes, then you'll find it feels the same:
just empty desires
she got away

i wrote you letters that i will never send
it takes a lot out of me
erase the page when i hear you say we're friends
because once we are we'll always be
this curse rings her old bell after all
and all in all
from year to year it echoes
i can hear it ringing on for you

if i were young, i could wait but if i'm not your one, don't you lie
if we're not meant to be, i'll suffer these dreams every night
as i lie here, wide awake

oh, you
you could have stayed awake with me
i'll let the rain come and wash away this life for you
then we'll fade away

you'll just fade away