Aparts and Latelys

once upon a while
you don't wait up for a new day
i saved you a smile
but if i hesitate, know i know my vows
i'd write them down
but they'd never come true
never come
now your flowers will bloom
and prop up the clouds
like a chink in the coldest afternoon

i'll dust myself off and i'm on my way
in the bellwether's flock, i'll trail these miles
then i'll be your rank and i'll be your file

i'm tempting this hawk down from the air
out of the sky and into the cage
the last time that i ever thought you might have called
you never came
but if you fake your ties
i'll crash right through the pale
where you never wrote
no, you never change

it's just a new world; i've been here before
but i can't taste or feel these years anymore
i'd meet you halfway
what could i say?
this time isn't stuck
but i couldn't wait
it's been a couple whiles and you never came
you never came

so would you come sweet sun
and shine out on your shade
so when you lie it down you burn it up

and could you come sweet love
go hide your heart
i'll find it then i'll climb inside and light you up

(i'm drifting away; it's just burned desires)

you know that i would trade this life away
to make you mine